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Hey, ğŸ‘‹ I'm Jordan, the 'Millionaire Millennial'.

I've started several successful online businesses and income streams (some 99%+ passive). Some of my successes:

  • Amazon FBA: 6-Figures
  • Info Product: 7-Figures
  • Affiliate Marketing: 5-Figures
  • SaaS: 6-Figures + Exit
More About Me

"Jordan makes it easy to follow. He avoids unnecessary repeating and has content rich videos."

- Sheila G.

"I have finished the Millionaire Mindset Course. It has and still is expanding my mindsets to a Millionaire mindset and unlocking the potential and dreams that reside in me."

- Joseph T

"Your videos are some of the best I've seen. Good stuff!"

- Van B

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