The Skill Stack I Used to Make $1MM+

Jun 03, 2023

I’ve never had any sales training. Never bought a course on it. No private training. Not even a free YouTube video.

I find sales so boring

But I’ve ‘sold’ well over a million dollars worth of various products.

Digital, physical, services, software.

All without ever knowing ‘how to sell

Most gurus will tell you to learn sales tactics, but I think there is a much better use of your time that will lead you to being able to sell into the millions.

These skills can be obtained in any order, but you need all of them combined to have the compounded effect.

Knowing just one could get you a day job, but knowing all four can build you an empire.

The Foundation

Starting at the foundation of the stack, we have psychology.

You might say - that’s not a ‘skill’, and you’d be correct. However, the skill lies in understanding human psychology. Particularly, WHY people buy things.

This skill is imperative. Without the full understanding of why people buy you can never build a successful business or grow a substantial income.

So - why do people buy things?

People purchase things because they believe what they are exchanging for their money is more valuable than the amount of money it costs.

But that’s just the top layer.

We have to do deeper on this.

Everyone wants to advance themselves in either Health, Wealth, or their Relationships.

Every purchase they make is due to a perceived improvement in one of these three categories.

Buy an exercise bike? To be healthier.

Buy a faster computer? To be more efficient and build more wealth.

Buy a new guitar tuner? To make sure your chords are on key to impress the ladies.

It doesn’t matter what you buy - it has to do with one (or sometimes multiple) of these categories.

So once you understand this, you can fully resonate with the root cause of the purchaser. And once you resonate with them - they will always buy from you.

This is an important skill to have. If you can fully understand why people buy anything, you can use this to create things they can buy.

Say What

Communication is essential for a successful relationship. It’s also essential for building a million dollar business too 🙂.

If you can understand why people buy, that’s great. But if you can’t communicate with them, they will never be able to buy anything from you.

Being a great educator is a subset of communication. It’s also insanely underrated and desperately needed in the world today.

When I was a tutor in college, I’d get a sick dopamine hit whenever I explained something in a way that my student got that lightbulb over their head.

I got addicted to that.

Years later I found that same dopamine hit when someone I was talking to understood the value I could bring them (essentially the same as tutoring).

Not only is it a dopamine rush, but it’s also a highly coveted skill.

Being a great communicator/educator is probably my favorite skill in the whole stack.

Getting Technical

Tech skills are important, but not to the degree most people take them. Can you code a website from scratch using only Python? Great - not really all that helpful on its own.

Sure, you can make some money building stuff for people, but you can’t break out of the 6-figure zone with technical skills alone.

All you really need to be able to do is build a website using a tool like Kajabi or Clickfunnels. You can make $1MM/yr with that alone. In fact, that’s how most internet millionaires make their first dollars online. I know I did 🙂.

It wasn’t learning how to code (which is sadly a dying skill now that AI can do it pretty well).

Although being able to code has helped, I don’t think it really moved the needle for me in terms of income.

All the same, having decent technical skills and being able to interface with a computer is highly valuable and part of the skills I used to get to $1MM.


Here’s the thing - when you take a sales course, they teach you how to talk. How to speak to a prospect to convey the idea that the product is something they need.

You’ll learn how to speak with conviction. Like you actually believe the product will work for the prospect.

Well, how about actually believing the product is great?

This is why I never took a sales course. I just truly believe in all my products (well - most of them; the ones I didn’t, didn’t sell)

If you’re 100% convinced that what you’re selling to someone will absolutely change their life then your communication with them will be the idealized version of what sales training is trying to get you to.

You will actually speak with conviction. That’s contagious. It’s dangerous. People can’t help but believe you. You can sell anything.


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