$20k Investment (new digital property)

Jul 11, 2023

I just dropped $20k on a new piece of digital real estate. Let’s dive into the deal deets…

I’ve been building and acquiring sites like this for the past couple of years and it’s pretty fun. I have sites about:

  • farming
  • pizza
  • restaurants
  • recycling
  • personality tests
  • nail salons
  • brunch
  • amazon products

But I’ve had my eye out for a special site that touches my heart…

A solar energy site 🙂 (specialized in solar in college)

And now - 20k later…

I have it!

Some details about this piece of digital real estate:

Makes $995/mo.

Gets 20,000 visitors per month.

Was initially valued at 30k, but I talked the owner down to 20. 😉

Has half-a-million words already written (by humans, allegedly).

Monetized by amazon affiliate links and display ads

Here’s my plan to get this to $5k+/mo:

  1. Find a solar installer offer from OfferVault and add it to the site
  2. Use AI to make a few hundred new articles
  3. Add solar calculators to the site
  4. Add social media pages
  5. Add an email list

I think with just those few things, this is an easy flip in 6-12 months…


I’ll keep it and just let it cashflow 5k a month for the next few years.

We’ll see.

This will likely end up being more of a passion side project and I will likely spend more time than I should on it 😇 hah

I’m currently working on a few really interesting things in the D.R.E. space.

Aside from building and acquiring property, I’m also building a service/SaaS that takes my existing process and allows anyone to do it.

I’m also working on a new course tailored directly to D.R.E. & site building

It’s going to be a fun time.


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