How to Make a Living on Social Media WITHOUT a Huge Following

Jun 06, 2023

You can absolutely make a full-time, solid living with a very small following (sub 1k) on social media, but only if you leverage it correctly.

Having a small, well-monetized following has huge benefits like a 2-hour workday, income on demand, and enjoying every day of work.


Most people don't understand how to actually monetize a small following to the point of replacing their existing income.

Most People Think Too Big

Unless you want to be like Mr. Beast with 100M subs+, why would you follow his trajectory? Not only is it very unlikely to ever be that big, but it's also an insane amount of work.

You can have a small, core following and never worry about money again. But you can't do it if you're thinking too big.

Most people don't know how to:

  • Find a niche that is profitable
  • Pull their followers onto 'owned' media
  • Make a good 'product' that followers actually want

But don't worry - even someone horribly off track can correct it. You just need to follow what other creators are doing and take a systematic approach.

Here's how, step by step:

Step 1: Profitable Niche Selection

If you pick a bad niche - this won't work. Period.

This is the single most important point. This is the groundwork. The foundation.

Messing this up is why 90% of people fail.

Choose gaming? Fail. Bird watching? Fail. Knitting? Megafail.

Good news. There's an easy way to do this with a very low failure rate.

You must go where the money is.

All small (and many large) creators and founders create content & products where the money already exists.

Unless you plan to change the entire world and make some groundbreaking discoveries (which would be an insane amount of work), stick to where the money already is and just grab some for yourself.

Where's the money? Well - where are people spending money? Easy - look at cost-per-click advertising rates by industry. This is where real businesses are spending real money to reach real people.

Source: Statista

Considering the average is around $2, anything above that is a highly profitable industry. If businesses can afford to pay $10 for a single click - they are making a lot more on the backend…

That may not be a fully exhaustive list, but it does cover most things. So choose a niche that is under that umbrella, go deep into it, and make it easier on yourself.

Step 2: Owned Media Always Wins

Even if you have a profitable niche (like finance), that doesn’t mean you’ve won yet. It can be taken away in an instant if you don’t build the correct infrastructure.

My friend (who is a big-name creator in the finance space) is currently learning this lesson. He has hundreds of thousands of followers mostly on YouTube, but is making 💩 for money.

How does someone with a massive following make next to nothing?

Not owning the distribution channels.

You must always be directing your followers onto OWNED media channels.

What do I mean by this?

Well - you don’t own YouTube or IG or TikTok, right? Those are unowned channels.

This is bad. This can ruin your income overnight. You live and die by the algorithm.

People will only see what you post if the algo wants them to see it.

Now if you own the channel - you get to decide what everyone sees. The best-owned media channel is still email (1990 called?).

You can also go for a Discord channel or a private group of some kind.

But honestly, email is still 100% the way to go.

You get to choose when people see your content - not an algorithm. You’re in their inbox whenever you want to be. This is insanely powerful because this allows the next step to function smoothly.

Step 3: Have a Killer Product

Everything up until now has been kinda hard. This step isn’t. You’re practically there already. In fact, I help a lot of people do this last step and they are shocked at how easy it is once you have the previous things in place.

Once you have a small following on owned channels (a few hundred is fine), ask them what they want. Then give it to them.

Simple, yet effective. My favorite business strategy. 🙂

I wish there was more to write here, but honestly, that’s it. So in honor of practicing what I preach…

How can I help you? What product could I make that would make your life or business 1000x easier? What education are you missing that I could educate you on?

Shoot me a DM - I’ll help you out 😎

Have a great week,



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