Illegal Acquisition

Jul 15, 2023
Illegal Acquisition

I was doing my due diligence on my newest acquisition (a piece of digital real estate) and I uncovered something quite interesting…

The property had been built on an expired domain, which is quite common.

However, the original domain owner was actually a large solar parts manufacturer in the EU…

And they went bankrupt a few years ago. 💀

I immediately started sweating this because it’s very common that large companies have trademarks on their brand names.

“Had I just blown 20 grand to acquire an illegally operating piece of DRE?”

I immediately rushed over to the US patent & trademark office (USTPO) and put in the brand name to see if they have trademarks registered in the US…

I saw an entry for the brand name.

“oh fudgely”

I clicked in for more info and I saw this…


It was canceled when they filled for bankruptcy.

Good to know 😇

Just be sure if you ever buy a (or even register a new) domain name, you check for trademarks.

TBH it probably wouldn't even be a problem even if it was trademarked still for 2 main reasons:

  1. The company is no longer in business (who’s gonna sue me?)
  2. If the site stays small enough, it won’t even get noticed.

But I don’t even have those constraits so now I can take this solar DRE to the 🌙

See you up there 😎



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