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Nerdy Ex-Engineer Uses Simple Website To

Annihilate Average Market Returns While Producing Massive Cash-Flow


After years in the making, finally revealed publically, the Digital Real Estate Academy shows how to build or buy a lucrative digital property worth thousands (and cash-flows daily).


From The Laptop of Jordan Kay
Hot & Humid Houston, TX

Dear Digital Builder,

If you’re looking for a straightforward way to not only grab 30-60%+ returns every year but also have a fire-hydrant of cash flow every single day all from your cozy home office, then congrats - you’ve found it.

Hey - I’m Jordan.

👉 I’m an electrical engineer turned online business builder. Although I’ve dabbled in many ‘WFH-make-money-online-in-you-underwear’ type activities over the years, one that has consistently funded my shiny object syndrome is Digital Real Estate (DRE).

I love DRE because I can set it up, deploy it to the internet, forget about it for years, and it will still dump cold hard cash into my checking account every day (though some are bi-weekly…).

Not only that, but these digital properties appreciate year over year as well.

The worst-performing one in my current portfolio is sitting at 30%!

All I really do is ‘check in’ on it every few months.

But that wasn’t always the case…

Before I got into DRE, my income was wildly inconsistent. I’d sell some products on Amazon in Q4 but then be totally dried by February.

Product-trends swing faster than an open marriage at the Playboy Mansion.

I needed more consistency.

Then a good friend of mine offered me 25% of his ‘digital property’ he has set up a year previous. It was making $4,000 a month and growing.

I was hooked.

After buying a 25% stake, I also bought and built over a dozen other digital properties over the following year.

At the same time, it finally appeased my shiny object syndrome. I was cured!

Why? Because with DRE you can do anything.

One day I’m acquiring a property about Pizza (yes, pizza!).

The next, I’m building one about solar farms.

I can still bounce around many ideas but still make $ consistently.

At this point, you might be asking…



Put simply - a valuable digital asset; typically a website that produces cash flow over a multi-year long period.

An example would be nearly any website you’ve ever gone to (if it makes money).

I don’t include things like NFTs or the Metaverse because they don’t produce any cash flow (yet).

I’m like Warren Buffet - I want those phat dividend checks. Forget buying gold because gold ain’t producing.

And there are a ton of ways to monetize DRE. Display ads, affiliate links, digital products, physical products, or SaaS (software-as-a-service).

Therefore, they can take many forms, just like physical real estate (PRE). You can have a restaurant, an office building, condos, parking lots, or single-family homes.

They produce cash flow and appreciate in value over time.

I knew once I started buying and building DRE that I would have to make a course on it someday. It’s not insanely hard, but there are many ‘gotchas’ you have to watch out for.

I knew I needed to share this wonderful godsend of a business model with the world.

Thus, the Digital Real Estate Academy was born.

To be frank, business (on and offline) is hard.

What’s harder is wading through the knee waist-high horse-dung that people spew all over the internet. Most online business knowledge comes from people who have never even had an online business. 🤦‍♂️

I’ve been in this game for over 7 years. Many trials. Many tribulations.

Get your water from the source.


You’re still reading this because you want to build or acquire a digital asset that continually pays you (passively) and appreciates over time.

You want something that can bring in a full-time income or more without having to drive to an office every day and work for someone else.

And you might be hustling 24/7 researching & trying out dozens of different business ‘models’.

Or, perhaps, you’re doing well. But you simply want less chaos and more structure and consistency.

You want…

More time with family & friends.

More certainty for the future.

More spendable income.

More freedom.

More meaningful memories

More caviar at your favorite seafood place.

More exotic trips to places far away where you can afford to pay for all your friends to come with.

Whatever it is - it’s unlocked by understanding how to build or buy digital real estate.

You’ll be jumping out of bed every morning excited to see how much dough you raked in overnight.

It all starts by enrolling below…

Cue epic guitar riff*


  • Get That "WFH Laptop Lifestyle" you've been looking for - There's no need to build the next unicorn; just build a simple, easy to run digital property from the comfort of your own home...
  • High Profit & High Volume Niches - Which niche should you go after for the biggest returns and smallest headache...
  • Get the DRE Know-How That Gurus Online Don’t Teach All in a simple to follow, easily digestible video course....
  • Enjoy the lifestyle, impact, and freedom that comes with a digital property
  • A PERFECT FIT even for those who just started (and especially those who DO NOT have a DRE property yet)...
  • Follow the Same System I and Many Others Use to Earn Thousands per Month...
  • Easily Jump Into DRE and Thrive Completely Online...



  • Aspiring business owners who are ready to discover a simple way to build a thriving, home-based, online income stream without spending years in “hustle” mode...
  • Current website owners who are working more than they want to and are ready to build toward a 6/7-figure/year digital property portfolio working only part-time…
  • People looking to build a digital property ONCE and have it provide for years...
  • Current founders who are sick of unreliable income and always wondering where their next payday will come from...
  • People who have seen various business models in the past, but are tired of the self-doubt they’ve experienced in deciding to pursue a business - and who are now ready for a simple, accessible way to jump in...



What Real People Are Saying

Ryan Scribner

Solo Creator & Author

"Jordan is a master at simplifying and scaling businesses simultaneously."

Bernard Agbogah

Former Staff Nurse

"You are my me and my family's guide to financial freedom. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about making money on the internet but ur videos have changed my perspective. Thanks, Jordan"

Jamie MacNeil

JMAC Investments

"You're pretty much an example of what I want my Business to look like. Great Job Man."

Kim Moore

Former Substitute Teacher

"This is legit no games or false hoods. He lays it flat out for you."

Chase Johnson


"Best business content by far. This content is straight to the point and easy to understand."


Niche Ideation


  • The timeline it takes to see success with digital real estate...
  • How to value a digital real estate property to ensure you're building or buying something that is actually worth your time...
  • High profit vs high volume niches... 
  • Where to find the absolute best niches...
  • Finding niches that are already working. Simply copy/paste...


Beginner Blueprint


  • Build your very first property (using no-code tools)...
  • Choosing a scalable, professional brand and domain name...
  • What to focus on with your property logo...
  • The critical metrics to focus on when choosing a host...
  • Setting up your custom email to send branded emails...


Property Structure, Keywords, & Design


  • Ignore this aspect of your DRE foundation and you'll fail...
  • Silos, categories, clusters, & more...
  • Where to harvest thousands of keywords...
  • Free alternatives for keyword research (little-known tool)...
  • How to get insanely fast properties that load instantly...
  • The absolute must-have pages for your property...


Content Production


  • The two types of content to focus on...
  • A free Chrome extension to see what content is already doing well...
  • Creating perfect outlines guaranteed to knock out the competition...
  • A simple checklist to ensure you're hitting all your marks...
  • Sections to add to your pages to get and extra boost in traffic and on-page duration...




  • How to see backlinks for nearly every property on the internet...
  • The 'Trophy' method for gaining hundreds of backlinks from niche-relevant sites...
  • Outreach template from a top-performing campaign...
  • Getting your affiliate partners to give you backlinks...
  • Leveraging influencers for extra traffic, authority, and links...




  • The natural progression of monetization...
  • If you add display ads before this point, you could annihilate your property. BE CAREFUL.
  • The top affiliate networks and how to see the best offers...
  • A mistake to avoid with Amazon affiliate (that could suspend your account)...
  • More advanced ideas for monetization that require more effort, but lead to much higher profits...


Tracking & Maintenance


  • Foolproof setup for all your tracking needs...
  •  The only report you need to pull (a couple of times per year)...
  • The strategy for updating falling content that is easier than you think...
  • Honestly, there isn't a lot to do for ongoing maintenance...




Bonus #1:

141 Proven Niches


Stuck on niche selection? I data-mined 1,546 properties and filtered out the best niches based on what is actually making money or has been acquired for thousands+.

I share the findings plus the names of the sites here.

Bonus #2:

Bulk Keyword Tool


Get thousands of keywords for any topic instantly (ok, it takes a few seconds…). This is an adapted tool for autocomplete to save hundreds of hours in keyword research.

Bonus #3:

The AI-Boosted Internal Systems To Turn 60 Hours Into 1

An in-depth operating procedure that leverages artificial intelligence and has allowed condensing work that normally takes 60+ hours into a single hour.

This doesn't exist anywhere else on the web and I use it personally. Giving it away is something I don't take lightly. I've even thrown in a little code snippet for a fully autonomous function.

Bonus #4:

7 Instant Products You Can Boot Up & Sell in a Day


The top 7 products (based on hundreds of hours of research) that you can add right into your property and begin selling.

They are all 100% digital and require minimal effort to operate. Perfect for digital real estate. I've personally used all but 1 of them.

Bonus #5:

LIFETIME Membership for the DRE Mentorship Group

This is my mentoring group where we can convene and chat about all things digital real estate. 

Ask questions, compare results, and build relationships in the DRE space. The membership dues are normally over $1,000 per year, but enroll in the DRE Academy today and get lifetime access included free!


Get the Digital Real Estate Academy

+ All 5 Bonuses

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  • Digital Real Estate Academy ($997)
  • BONUS #1: 141 Proven Niches ($397)
  • BONUS #2: Bulk Keyword Tool ($197)
  • BONUS #3: AI-Boosted Internal Systems ($97)
  • BONUS #4: 7 Instant Products ($50)
  • BONUS #5: LIFETIME Membership - DRE Mentorship ($2,000+) 

Total Valued at over: $3,700

The value of the bonuses ALONE is worth $2,700...

Today’s order is a one-time payment of USD $497. You will have immediate digital access to the Digital Real Estate Academy plus all of the bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

Order today and get the exact system 1000s of builders and investors have used to build cash-flowing digital real estate.

The Test Drive Guarantee


It's hard to judge a book by it's cover, I know.

Get in first and see everything from the inside. Make sure the Digital Real Estate Academy is exactly what you need.

If not, no hard feelings - email [email protected] with the subject “give me my money” and I’ll get the 100% refund over to you pronto.

Get the Digital Real Estate Academy + All 5 Bonuses

For Only $497

  • Digital Real Estate Academy ($997)
  • BONUS #1: 141 Proven Niches ($397)
  • BONUS #2: Bulk Keyword Tool ($197)
  • BONUS #3: AI-Boosted Internal Systems ($97)
  • BONUS #4: 7 Instant Products ($50)
  • BONUS #5: LIFETIME Membership - DRE Mentorship ($2,000+) 

Total Valued at over: $3,700

Today’s order is a one-time payment of USD $497. You will have immediate digital access to the Digital Real Estate Academy plus all of the bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

Order today and get the exact system 1000s of builders and investors have used to build cash-flowing digital real estate.