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Selling The Achievements You Already Have

Create a unique niche that can't be duplicated,

- Build a high-margin product customers praise you for,

- Sell authentically without sales calls or annoying ads

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What Real People Are Saying About The Millionaire Millennial

Ryan Scribner

Creator & Author

"You have the ability to see the forest through the trees. You've called out multiple crucial mistakes I was making - the ones I could not see up close!"

Bernard Agbogah

Former Staff Nurse

"You are my me and my family's guru to financial freedom. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about making money on the internet but ur videos have changed my perspective. Thanks, Jordan"

Jamie MacNeil

JMAC Investments

"You're pretty much an example of what I want my Business to look like. Great Job Man."

Kim Moore

Former Substitute Teacher

"This is legit no games or false hoods. He lays it flat out for you."

Chase Johnson


"Best business content by far. This content is straight to the point and easy to understand."

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The Shifting Economy

Hey - my name is Jordan, the 'Millionaire Millennial'. I'm not here to bore you with an insanely long sales page (the world has enough of them).

I'm here to show you how the world is shifting to favor smaller, more customized solutions and how YOU can perfectly fit these needs (and therefore, make $$$).

I'll also show you an abundance of other people that are using this same systematic approach to make 6-7 figures every year.

Information and technology are becoming more democratized.

Find yourself learning more through a Twitter thread or YouTube video than at college?

There is a massive educational transition from institutions to individuals.

And not just any individuals - ones that you connect with. They make sense to you. They share the same values, beliefs, hopes, dreams, morals, aspirations, and life goals.

I never really connected with most of my teachers and professors at school, but I have found several people in this new economy to learn from.

Why pay $100K and 4 years of your life to learn a basic skill that can land you a rigid day job?

Most people would rather learn skills from other people like them

People that are a few steps ahead and going in the same direction - not a random stiff in a suit that is only there to get his research grants.

To explain it as clearly as I can:

1. People want to learn from individuals similar to them.

2. They are flocking to creators on the internet for this need.

3. There is a massive learning vacuum that cannot be filled with what exists today.

4. People need YOU and YOUR skills. All you need to do is help them.

Easier said than done?

Not really... After doing this for half a decade for myself and helping plenty of other people do it, I've systematized everything down to a simple 10-hour work week following a flexible calendar.

And you don't need to hire anyone either. Total 'solopreneur'.

That's what the Solo Business System is: a completely optimized system for starting & growing an online education business along with training on how to use it.

 These are the same systems I used to make over $80,000 in a single month & $40,000/mo consistently for over 2 years.

Simply taking the achievements I already had and helping others reach those same goals through education.


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You Won't Be Alone

Thousands of people are leveraging a systematic approach to building a sustainable education business online. Typically only working a few hours a day...

What Do They Have In Common?

Everything from fitness to learning a language... Business to postpartum recovery.

These are just a few people using the same business framework you'll learn & implement for yourself in the Solo Business System program.

The process is the same for all of them.

  • Provide great free content
  • Sell paid iterations of that content & services

Simple to understand, but hard to do consistently without a system in place.

Successful solo business owners take a Systematic approach.

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Is This Right For You?


The best way to answer this is to answer who this is not for...

This program has some prerequisites, and, frankly, if you do not meet them - do not enroll.


  • Mildly tech savvy
    • Enough to use Google Docs and use a drag & drop page builder
  • Able to follow a weekly calendar and be held accountable
  • Not afraid to post on social media (as yourself or alias) and be publicly visible
  • You’ve achieved something above average or have a skill people pay for
  • 10+ hours per week of non-interrupted time
  • Ok with capping out at $2-4 million / yr
  • 4-9 months of consistency


If you are unable to adhere to the prereqs above, do not enroll.


...with that out of the way...


This program is for individuals looking to build a legit, sustainable business with no employees over the next 4-9 months.

This type of business has the potential to make multi 6 and 7 figures, but will typically cap out at $2-4 million per year. 

However, it will also open doors for you to grow any other tangential business you might want to start. This is the perfect 'first business' that you can then build other, even more, scalable businesses off of.

That's exactly what I have done.

And not just me, people like Sam Parr, Alex Becker, Russell Brunson, Codie Sanchez, Alex Hormozi, and just about anyone 'big' on social media.

They all leverage their online 'resume' by snapping their fingers and creating a new income stream. 

Ultimately, you will find exponential value in this program if:

  • You want to have a flexible business where you only need to work 2-4hrs/day to maintain a consistent income.
  • You just aren't sure which 'business model' is the 'best' (hint: none of them are 'best')
  • You understand that there are people who are a few steps behind you in some way and could use your help.


I'm Ready To Enroll

The Solo Business System

Will allow anyone to systematically generate and distribute value and earn a return on that value

So, What Do You Get?


This course & accompanying system will guide you through this very simple yet powerful business model. However, you must meet the prerequisites and stay consistent with this system to see results.

💡 90% of business success is doing the hard, boring work you already know you need to do.

Just do the work consistently over time and win.

Once you are finished with this course, you will know exactly what you need to do step by step.

It is now 100% in your hands and is your responsibility to make this work. Be disciplined and consistent.

Again, this is a rudimentary business and is not a good fit for someone looking for a model that can scale past $10MM. This system is NOT scalable past $10MM; it will cap out at around half of that.

However, if your goal is to have a sustainable business doing something you actually enjoy helping people that are thankful for your work - this is it.

What you will learn and accomplish in the Solo Business System is as follows:
  • Create a profitable niche - not something you’re ‘passionate’ about.
    • If you want to be a full time gamer - this course is not for you.
  • Create highly engaging content for the niche for free.
    • This becomes simple with systems in place. Most creators use the same system that you will use in this program.
  • Create 3 paid products: mid, high, and continuity.
    • This is a challenge, but 100% doable once you're entrenched into your niche.
  • Customers will come to you since you've already provided them with a ton of value for free.
    • $$$

No need for sales calls. No need for slimy sales funnels or immoral practices.


Pick a Plan

The Solo Business System can be acquired in 3 different approaches.


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Do It Yourself

  • Create a Unique and Profitable Niche No One (or AI) Can Copy
  • Systems for Endless Engaging Content by Using What's Working
  • Build Genuine, Helpful Offers Your Customers Will Praise You For
  • Bonus Notion Template for Content Ideation 🡆 Publishing
  • Bonus Battle Tested Email Templates For High Conversions
  • Lifetime Curriculum Updates
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Done With You

Everything in DIY Plus:

  • Work 1-on-1 with Me To Build Your Solo Business
  • 1-on-1 Training & Setup Call for S.B.S.
  • Live 1-on-1 Audit Calls Every 2 Weeks To Ensure You're on Track
  • Three (3) Months of Support While You're Building Your Business
  • Early Access and Custom Tailored Lessons
  • Can Be Re-upped For Ongoing Success

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Done For You

We build everything for you:

  • All Niche Research
  • All Content Plans
  • All Social Profiles
  • All Content Created
  • All Scheduling
  • All Offers Created

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I am only successful if you are, so let's make sure this is a good fit.

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