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Hey! I'm Jordan 👋. I've started and grown many different online businesses over the past several years. I'm now semi-retired by leveraging my cash-flowing digital properties and enjoy teaching and working on various projects.

I also invest and advise in various startups (mostly founders from my audience!)

Below is my timeline of success dating back to my college days.
A resort somewhere in Costa Rica

A resort somewhere in Costa Rica

  • August 2023

    Continued Acquisitions & Education

    I can't stop buying digital real estate. I'd say it's a problem, but it's really not. At the same time, I've devoted a lot of time helping others learn to build/buy DRE through my various courses, groups, and content.
  • August 2021

    Build || Buy

    Although I had been building digital real estate for years, I decided I'd give it a shot to acquire some existing property. Although this deal went quite poorly, this property returns ~30% cash flow every year.

    I spent the next two years learning, building & buying digital property
  • May 2020

    Big Exit

    Sold Go Atlas for $365,000 - the biggest single transaction I'd ever received. Spent a solid year relaxing & doing nothing.
  • September 2018

    SaaS DRE

    Launched a new digital property monetized with software. It is called Go-Atlas and got to $10k M.R.R. in ~ 3 months.
  • Jun 2017

    Mentoring Begins

    After making more with my eCom business than I ever did as an engineer, I started teaching and mentoring others to do the same.
  • Jan 2017

    The Big Resignation

    After seeing the owner of my company flying private out to his house in Cabo all the time, I decided I wanted that life instead of grinding away drawing diagrams in AutoCAD. So I quit my job.
  • May 2016

    Graduated College

    Hopped out of Texas A&M with a degree in ELEN and a minor in mathematics.


If you think my skills could complement your business, want me to come speak at your event (on/offline), or want me to advise in your startup, connect with me and let's make it happen!

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