Make $1.8k/mo With Only 314 YouTube Subscribers

May 13, 2023
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Most people see big-name media creators and think you need (10’s of) thousands of followers to make any kind of decent money.

Well - I’m about to blow up that ideology 🤯

I stumbled upon a channel with only 314 subscribers and 30 videos (so far). BTW the videos - are not good. No audio 🔇😕.

Despite that - their little software is making an estimated 2 grand a month (recurring).

Let’s take a deeper look ⤵️

The company is called ‘’ and they make free Chrome extensions to scrape data from various pages. We are only going to look at ONE of the several extensions they have.

The Instagram email scraper.

I wish I could overengineer this, but this process was quite straightforward for them:

  1. Made a video showing off the tool (really poor video btw)
  2. Video goes ‘viral’ (not really) and gets 19k views
  3. This leads to several thousand free users of the extension.
  4. ~3% of free users upgrade to paid @ $20/mo
  5. Profit $2,000 MRR!

Now one might say ‘Oh they got lucky and their video got a lot of views’.

I would be inclined there is some degree of luck, but TBH if you nail a niche correctly, then it only becomes a matter of time before your content takes off.

I personally uploaded 40+ videos before any of my videos got to even 1k views when I first started.

These guys did it in less than that with really bad content. These videos could be A LOT better…

It only takes one video to do well. ONE piece of content… and your business could skyrocket 🚀.

It reminds me of Russell Brunson saying “You’re only one funnel away” except I think in terms of valuable content (which is part of the funnel, honestly).

Creating a product that a Niche really wants and then making valuable and useful content to promote it works insanely well. It’s how I’ve grown every business I have.

But it really does start with knowing the Niche. If you don’t, then the product/offer you make them won’t land and you won’t get sales. Or worse:

  • You’ll get a few sales,
  • Get a false sense of success,
  • Piledrive hundreds (thousands?) of hours into the product,
  • And scratch and claw for every customer you get…

I’d rather have a D.O.A. offer than get just enough to think it could be good.




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